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Release Suggestions

This page contains suggestions and ideas for releases of Marge. Just write down yours!

Do not forget to join in our dev list, because we are discussing all releases there.

Next Release (ALREADY CLOSED -more at http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/Mobileandembedded/NextMargeReleaseRoadmap

  • Alow device inquiry based on wanted services: Allow to search directly for devices with a specific service, so you do not need to inquiry for all devices and search for the services wanted in an specific device.
  • Add Timeouts, to certificate that one message was actually received. The user could choose if the connection will use timeouts, if true than marge need to advice that the message was not recieved. But [GCF http://developers.sun.com/mobility/midp/articles/genericframework/] already have the method: open(String url, int mode, boolean timeouts), to perform this task, but it is implementation dependent, than we may have to implement it.

Future Releases

  • Implement OBEX: Provides a support for OBEX protocol provided by javax.obex package in JSR 82. Could be an extension of the framework, because a lot of devices do not support javax.package. Or we could implement it over RFCOMM as well.
  • Automatic connections.
  • Add here wink