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Next Release Roadmap

Next Release Roadmap

ID Type Summary Status Who
  FEATUR Automate Marge testing, maybe with unit testing and Impronto. NOT YET  
  FEATUR Work in better abstractions of devices, without a distinguish of servers and clients for future scatternets. NOT YET  
  FEATUR Marge javax.obex support in a new jar NOT YET Bruno,Lucas,Eivar
10 FEATUR Timeouts to sent messages as layer Invalid, ack (Checker) will do that  
10 FEATUR Package checker layer Working Bruno
10 FEATUR ZIP layer Working Bruno
8 FEATUR Inquiry for services directly You cannot start a device discovery and service search simultaneous in most of mobiles, so it will not have a good performance if separate, too long to respond Bruno,Lucas
  FEATUR Create a module for GPS Bluetooth   Geert,Bruno,Lucas
  FEATUR Review the usages of checked exceptions Working Bruno
  DEMO Port Amora (http://code.google.com/p/amora/) for Java.    
13 BUG hasInquiryFinished() always returns true Closed Bruno
  FEATUR Inquiry synchronous (no listeners)   Bruno
  DEFECT Remove bolier plate (already startListening when connects) Working Bruno
  DEFECT Some devices cannot inquiry for services when start the serves (possible something related to registering a service in SDD ) Closed Bruno

Renato Almeida sent a contributtion for a bug (return null when does not find the server) in AutoConnect

Owain Cole sent a contributtion for a initialisationSuccess method in ConnectionListener


Take a look in them here

ID Type Summary Status
8 FEATUR Inquiry for services directly NOT YET (AutoConnect solve part of the necessity)
9 FEATUR Unicast scenario YES
10 FEATUR Timeouts to sent messages NOT YET (future layer)
11 FEATUR Code small TODOs and XXX YES
  FEATUR Created AutoConnect YES

Also, it is not as issue, but is necessary:

  • Improve documentation urgently! A very good getting started maybe based on chat app (we need someone on it, if you got interested, send an email to dev list).

  • Recreate Blue Pong and Tik Tak Tooth using marge-core-v0.4.0

Do not forget:

  • Keep things compatible with the last version (do not forget to keep old methods and assign deprected in javadoc).

  • Write all Javadocs correclty, spent your time on it, it is pretty important for next users and developers.

Please join in the dev list for more information.