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Marge FAQ

Please write down questions, improve answers, let's try to create an area with a good FAQ.

What is Marge?

Marge is project intended to help Java Bluetooth development. It contains a framework, also called marge-core, build on the top of JSR 82 (Java APIs for Bluetooth) that facilitates the development of Java applications that uses Bluetooth.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology.

What is JSR 82?

JSR (Java Apis for Bluetooth) is a Java ME optional package thats provides Bluetooth supporting.

Where can I learn more about JSR 82 and Bluetooth and Java?

Mobile and Embedded Wiki - Bluetooth Resources

Is it possible to use the same marge-core JAR in Java ME and Java SE applications?

Yes, marge-core is compiled using Java 1.3 and it is compatible with Java ME and Java SE, which means that it just uses classes and methods that are contained in both plataforms.

My device has Bluetooth but I can not create Java Bluetooth applications, what should I do?

Probably your device does not support JSR 82 (Java APIs for Bluetooth). You can check in your device specification or take a quick look at j2mepolish searching for btapi.

How could I create Bluetooth applications in my desktop?

The blog entry "JSR 82 is not only for mobiles!" explains a lot around it.

Does Marge support OBEX?

Currently is not supported. JSR 82 (Java Apis for Bluetooth) is divided in two main packages javax.bluetooth (core Bluetooth) and javax.obex (OBEX protocol). Some devices just implements the first one, so the idea is create another package with Marge facilities for OBEX. Also, it is possible to implement OBEX by hand using RFCOMM and maybe create Marge facilities directly in the current package, I think I have seen some open source projects in SourceForge that does it, like OpenOBEX.

I want to know more about AutoConnect feature?

More at http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/Mobileandembedded/HowTo05

I want to create special behaviors like unicast scenario, package checking, etc?

Try to use the concept of layer. More at http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/Mobileandembedded/HowTo05

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Can a Marge Bluetooth server and client be run simultaneously in the same device?