The focus of our research lies at the interface between chemistry and biology, and is mainly oriented towards the design and synthesis of novel chemical probes to understand and modulate different physiopathological processes.

By applying modern chemical techniques (e.g. combinatorial chemistry, microwave assisted reactions, click-chemistry, multicomponent reactions etc), we explore the chemical diversity around biologically active chemical probes thus accelerating the drug-discovery process.

The synergistic collaboration with pharmacologists, biologists and clinicians all around the world has allowed us to discover new potential antiviral and anticancer drug candidates, which are the object of 5 patent applications and of several publications in high impact factor journals . Our current research interest emphasizes the integration of combinatorial chemistry & computational techniques to develop novel drug candidates for different chronic (Cystic Fibrosis, IBD, Hypercholesterolemia, Parkinson, Cancer) and infective (Enterovirus, Flavivirus, HIV) diseases.

Prof. Marco Radi

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