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Our Constitution

Our Constitution

August 6, 2014

            The constitution committee held a preliminary meeting at Sobey’s, West Saint John, on Wednesday July 9, 2014.  Following a lengthy discussion it was felt that the most satisfactory solution would be to rescind the present constitution and replace it with a new, updated constitution.  The proposed new constitution was reviewed by the Executive on August 6, 2014.  The new constitution would be:


The organization shall be known as The Marco Polo Quilters Guild.


The objectives of the Marco Polo Quilters Guild are as follows:

a.     To provide an enjoyable and congenial atmosphere in which to learn and share quilting ideas and experiences.

b.     To support selected programs in the community.

c.      To provide an opportunity to appreciate all types and techniques in quilting and related fibre arts.

d.     To foster the appreciation of modern, traditional and historical quilts.


Officers of the Marco Polo Quilters Guild shall be:

a.     President

b.     Vice President

c.      Treasurer

d.     Recording Secretary

e.     Membership Chair

f.       Workshop Chair

g.      Program Chair


The executive shall be composed of the officers of the guild, duly elected at an annual meeting and hold office for two years and that the president, vice president and membership chair be elected one year and the recording secretary, treasurer program chair and workshop chair, the next.  There shall be at least three executive meetings each year.  The length of time allowed in any elected position or committee chair shall be limited to two consecutive terms.

ARTICLE 5:     

The annual meeting shall be held in May of each year.  At this time, all annual reports, including financial breakdowns, shall be presented by committee chairpersons.  The Nominations Committee Chairperson shall bring forth a slate of officers for the coming year.

ARTICLE 6:      

Dues shall be payable at the September meeting.

ARTICLE 7:      

The regular monthly meeting shall be held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.  There will be no meeting in July and August.

ARTICLE 8:      

A quorum for a business meeting shall consist of one third of the paid members.  A quorum for an executive meeting shall be five members.

ARTICLE 9:      

There shall be three signing officers for the Marco Polo Quilters Guild; the treasurer, the president and the vice president and any two of these officers must sign.

ARTICLE 10:    

a.     The budget shall be prepared biennially and presented to the membership.  In the intervening years the budget will be reviewed and presented to the membership.  Under extraordinary conditions, a mid-year budget may be presented to the membership for approval.

b.     Any expenditure above the allocated budget must be approved by the membership.

ARTICLE 11:    

The Quilt Fair Committee shall be a committee distinct from the Guild Executive.  The Quilt Fair Committee shall consist of a Chair, a Co-chair, Secretary and Treasurer and others determined by them.

ARTICLE 12:    

Amendments to the Constitution.  The Constitution may be amended at any time, provided the following conditions are met:

a.               The amendment is proposed by the executive or by an individual member, or considered to have been given to the secretary via the minutes at least one month prior to the next general meeting.

b.               Notice of the amendment is given to each voting member at least one week prior to the next general meeting.

c.                Voting shall be either by ballot or voice, if it is the pleasure of the meeting.

d.               Amendments must have a two thirds majority of the members present at the meeting, to carry.

ARTICLE 13:    

All business meeting shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.  The order of business shall be:

a.         Call to order

b.         Reading or distribution of the minutes

c.          Errors or omissions in the minutes

d.         Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports

a.     Special Orders – Important business previously designated for consideration at this meeting.

b.     Unfinished business

c.      New business

d.     Announcements

e.     Adjournment

ARTICLE 14:    

The Guild may receive and invest endowments and use the interest from these for the purpose intended by the donor, and to further its educational activities.

ARTICLE 15:    

There shall be no personal benefit to members, officers or executive during operations or wind up of the organization.

ARTICLE 16:    

Should the Marco Polo Quilters Guild cease to exist, any and all funds or equipment belonging to the guild will be donated to a like organization or charity.