Gliding Body

Gliding Body is my solo project. There are two albums: "Another Sickly Human" and "Cold Sun."

Released January 30, 2016, the pieces featured on "Another Sickly Human" were written and recorded from 2014-2015 and are intended to accompany contemplative practices in remote forests or industrial urban landscapes. The material offers a listening experience that is both visceral and cerebral--hypnotic and intellectual. The artwork and lyrical content are inspired by Buddhist metaphysics and the perpetual cycle of existence in which humans shall find themselves until Truth is realized.

"Cold Sun" is the second album by Gliding Body. It consists of a single piece of music, divided into three movements and ten tracks. It can be listened to continuously or track-by-track. It was composed, recorded and engineered between 2016 and 2019.

The personnel that have supported me in this project are:

myself: vocals, drums, keyboard

Doc Miller: guitar, bass

Scott Hannan: vocals, percussion

a.s.: guitar, bass

Andrew Oswald: guitar

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Oswald

Art and Layout by S. Bennett