The following links are friends' projects. For links to my projects, see Projects.

$3.33 -- music of Celia Hollander
Alex Christie -- Alex is a laptopist and improviser in the San Francisco Bay Area; he has performed with Grains.
Andrew Oswald -- recording engineer in Oakland, CA; has engineered material by Weatherbox, Grains, Vilkacis, Census, TreeGrains and more.
Animal City -- Chicago-based group of killer dudes. 
Asha Sheshadri -- Asha is an artist and musician (Isolde Touch)--she works a lot with electronic media
Brendon Randall-Myers -- Brendon is the other half of Grains; he is a composer and musician based out of New Haven, CT.
Evan Backer -- artist, musician and composer in southern CA.
The Fata Morgana -- an intersection of poetics and spells. Aiden Arata offers tarot and practice for witchery.
George Pritzker -- George and I have been playing in bands together since 2001. 
Ida Badal -- painter based in NYC--specializes in photo-realism. 
Jesse Kranzler -- Jesse and I have worked together in Snuffaluffagus, Nut/crackers, Miniature Tree, Town Hall and Y2K 2K9.
joyride! -- Eugene's (Plunger) band
Juliana Wisdom -- sculptures and other art; she is based out of San Francisco, CA. 
New Firmament -- Nick Podgurski's label features music by himself and others. 
Nick Kova -- Nick Kova is the videographer for many Japandi and Weatherbox performances. 
Sam Bennett -- Sam is an artist and illustrator in NYC. 
Scott Michael Sayre -- composer from San Diego, CA
Selena Marinello -- Selena works in a variety of art media, including paint, performance, and installation. 
Swift Intruders -- unusual provocative thought rock from San Diego, CA; members have performed in JapandiSnuffaluffagus and Weatherbox.
Realization Orchestra -- supergroup; Frank Zappa meets Upsilon Acrux.
Tape Deck Mountain -- Travis Trevisan has played in Census; Tape Deck Mountain is his shoegaze project. 
WITT -- post-mortem ultra math-rock from San Diego, CA.
Wuv -- Ilya's (Plunger) band