Root Canals (Endodontics)

    Root Canal Treatment is performed to take pain away from your tooth.  It is often our last attempt to save your tooth before extraction is necessary. When the nerve inside your tooth becomes irritated or becomes necrotic (dead), a root canal may be warranted to prevent infection or remove an infection that is already present. Many people associate root canals with discomfort because the tooth is typically already painful and inflamed prior to starting the procedure. The goal of the root canal is to clean any infection from inside the tooth and seal the tooth from the inside with a rubbery material. People typically feel much better once the tooth is cleaned out, but in some unfortunate cases a tooth takes time to heal.  This healing time will vary from tooth to tooth because it all depends on the amount of trauma the tooth has incurred from both the infection as well as the procedure itself.  After your tooth has been saved by performing a root canal, the inside of your tooth will need to be built up with a Core for internal strength.  In order for this tooth to hold up to everyday stresses from chewing, a crown is always recommended to prevent the tooth from fracturing.

Refer to the following video for further explanation

Root Canal Video