Oral Surgery

Printable Post Operative Instructions

Oral Surgery pertains to a wide variety of procedures in dentistry.  Most people are familiar with wisdom teeth extraction and even some cosmetic procedures like Botox injections for facial wrinkles.  Most of the Oral Surgery that we do consists of treatment planned extractions of hopeless teeth in preparation for Dentures or Implants.  There are also times when Oral Surgery is done on an emergency basis.  Trauma is the leading cause of these emergency situations.  Facial trauma can result in a number of injuries, including Fracture of teeth or jaws, dislodged or loose teeth, facial lacerations.  At Maple Ave Dental we focus on the Oral Surgery procedures mentioned below.  Please bring any questions you have about these procedures to your next visit and we can discuss them in more depth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Bone Grafting-typically in conjunction with extraction and in preparation for implant
Apicoectomies-attempt to save infected tooth that already had a root canal
Alveoloplasty-reshaping of jaw bone for better denture fit
Removal of Soft tissue lesions