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This is my way of staying connected with those whom I know and with those I have not yet met who may share similar interests. In my avocation as musician/director, coach and arranger, I hope I have enhanced the lives of those I have been fortunate to meet whether it be through singing , acting, coaching or having the pleasure of arranging for your particular ensemble. In turn, you have enriched my musical life and I am grateful.

I am very glad you visited my site; enjoy.

Kind Regards,

Joe Mannherz

About Arrangements

The arrangements have been alphabetized and cataloged into 4 part women (SSAA); 4 part men (TTBB); 4 part mixed (SATB); 5 part mixed (SSATB) and a mixed variety from trio to 9 parts. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are contestable arrangements. This does not mean, however, that the other arrangements can not be used on the contest stage (as is or revamped) it’s just that those specified have been arranged with contest performance in mind.

Most arrangements are priced at $40 unless otherwise indicated.

Arrangements “on demand” can have a one to two week turn around time and may range from $60 to $100 depending on the length; complexity and or special requests of the buyer.

The arrangements come (via e-mail) with the following:

1) .pdf of the score in your specified key.

2) Mp3 computer audio of the entire score and each individual voice part.

3) A blank arrangers agreement so that you may legalize and make copies of the score.

4) A direct line to me for any “problem(s) ” that need to be rectified.

Recording Artists

Several well known and respected quartets/ensembles have recorded Joe’s arrangements; The Gas House Gang, Capri, Wheelhouse, Night Magic and the Q-tones to name a few. As you view the list of songs, you will notice footnotes along the way indicating that the song has been recorded and by whom.

Recording Artists:

1) The Gas House Gang

2) High Five

3) The Bay Country Gentlemen

4) Second Edition

5) Night Magic

6) Wheelhouse

7) Capri

8) Escapade

9) The Baltimore Vocal Jazz Ensemble

10) Q-Tones