“Joe has been a dear friend for 47 years. In that time he has coached me personally as well as all three of my internationally ranked quartets. Night Magic recorded two of his arrangements ("CheFaFa" and "Little Boy Lost") on our CD "A Little Night Magic" and My Fair Ladies sang his arrangement of "When October Goes" in our entertainment package. He can be counted on to provide you a stellar arrangement in a more than reasonable time frame. His list of arrangements speaks to his creativity and to his prolific nature. You will find all kinds of music represented here and every one of them a gem. I should know...I have heard them all!”

                               Renee Walsh, baritone, My Fair Ladies, Showcase, Night Magic



                               Carolyn Sexton;Piper-Ettes” - 1966 Queens of Harmony  


"I'm proud to count Joe Mannherz among my Barbershop friends. It was my pleasure and privilege to sing in a quartet with Joe and to enjoy first-hand his extraordinary talent as a performer and arranger." 

                                         R. C. Schellhamer, Tenor, 40-Year Barbershopper


“When our quartet needed a "signature song" to sing as Regional champions, we knew right who to come to. Joe's arrangement of "Easy Street" was just the show-stopping piece we were hoping it would be...I'd highly recommend Joe if you're looking for a sophisticated, jazzy arrangement!”

                     Sherry Stanton; Easy Street Quartet, Region 14 Champions, 2008


“. . . a great pair of hands . . . I could follow him anywhere…..”

                                                                Pete Anderson; Music teacher; BCG member

“ . . your hand gestures and facial expressions are the best in the business . . .”

                                                                          Edward Standsfield; KCC member



“The best damn director in the Mid-Atlantic District”

                                                                                               BCG Board of Directors



“Joe's arrangements with their intricate harmonies are #1 on my love to sing list.  Sometimes challenging but so exciting as a singer.”

                                                           Janet Montrie First Soprano (retired)  High Five



I have been singing with Joe Mannherz for more than 30 years and it has been a pleasure and a privilege.  Joe is a true professional who loves music.  He strives for perfection and believes that only perfect practice makes perfect performing.  He does not see a piece of music as just notes and words on paper but rather he feels the intent and meaning of the song.  He nurtures it and as he directs, he strives to instill that feeling into the singers who sing it and the audience who’s listening.  Joe has a true gift and he works extremely hard at all aspects of his art; be it acting, writing, arranging or directing.  He has a talent for helping others realize their potential as singers.  His goal is to make you better than you think possible.  In my long experience, he is the best director I have ever known.

 Walt Donnellon, former national union chairmen for Proctor and Gamble;                                                    member  BCG/KCC/BVJE