Health Dowsing

Dowsing is, and can be, used in many ways, for many aspects of health. Some of the more common uses are for checking (generally through list or chart dowsing), for food allergies or sensitivities. Other allergens may also be assessed.

Dowsing can also be useful to check whether certain foodstuffs or products are good for you. Each person is different and it is important to realise that some products suit some people and not others. Also, the potential suitability can vary from brand to brand and even from item to item. Many people have issues with foodstuffs, detergents, washing powders, hair care products, cleaning products, and many other things around the house. It is very useful to be able to check and see if the things you use in your environment are beneficial or not. I like to check products on a percentage basis. Personally if, I find something to be 8% or less (healthy for me at that time), I will not go near it. I endeavour to find things that are as near to 100% as possible, and generally will not buy things less than 81%.

It is important to realise that the level of an item for you may, and can, change over time. It is therefore a good idea to check regularly.

With practice it is also possible to check and see what vitamins and minerals or remedies might be of benefit to you. This can save a lot of money, as you buy specifically for your needs. You can also determine which brand is best for you. It is also useful for determining dosage, frequency, and duration of a remedy (obviously within the recommended guidelines). Do also ensure that any remedies are appropriate for you and any conditions you have, and any medications you are taking, by checking the written information on it or speaking to someone who knows about the product – e.g. appropriately informed shop staff or the manufacturers of the product.

Dowsing is often used to check a person’s aura and chakras, which can be indicative of good or poor health. It is fairly straightforward (especially with L rods) to determine the extent of someone’s aura. The impact of different substances e.g. foodstuffs can be shown, by getting the person to hold a piece of the item, and then re-measure their aura – in general if the aura stays the same or expands, the item is good for them (at that time), and if the aura contracts – especially close to the body the item is bad for them (at that time). Even thoughts can have an impact on the aura. You can measure someone’s aura, then get them to think of something mildly unpleasant and re-measure (it is likely that the aura has contracted). Then allow them to shake off that thought and the associated feelings, and then think of something wonderful. While they are thinking of this, re-measure their aura – it is likely to have expanded beyond where it was to start with. (Do it this way round so that they are left thinking of good things and in an expanded state). It is a good demonstration of the effect of our thoughts on our energy body (and maybe even physical body if continued over a period of time).

As a professional health dowser, I work with issues that people have, to help identify the root causes, their nature and component factors, and appropriate treatments or remedies. I also monitor progress through dowsing. I help people ensure that the things in their environment are good for them, whether food, toiletries, cleaning/household products etc. There may be environmental energetic impacts on their health, also from different forms of stress. Having identified these, they can be reduced or eliminated.