Inspiration for Projects

Star Wars Themed Sound Board

Project LEO – LEO (short for Love Each Other) was a holiday present to the FCS community, a musical installation that would play songs when people formed human chains to complete a circuit. The installation challenged the community to hold hands from the first to the third floors of the FCC.

Assistive Technology Solutions

  • Motivator Labs is a website run by Jennifer Schank who is a school Occupational Therapist who has used the Makey Makey to create solutions for some of the students she serves. CLICK HERE to view.
  • From -- Design Challenge: DIY Assistive Game Controllers
  • From the Makey Makey BLOG: Featured Educators: Michele Morgan and Jennifer Schank - These educators are utilizing Makey Makey in their occupational therapy practice to help clients in new and innovative ways!
  • Ramsey Musallam is an inspired educator in California who created a two week special course for his students. CLICK HERE for details.
  • Trish Roffey is an Emerging Technologies Consultant working in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA. Trish says "My Grade 8 students and I decided to take on building an educational program and switch based on the learning needs of specific students. We went to one of our local schools that needed some support and each student met their “client”. The outcome was one of the most powerful teaching experiences of my career!" CLICK HERE for video.
  • "The Students Who Hacked STEM Education" - Over the course of five class periods, Tom Heck (working as a volunteer) taught high school students Design Thinking through a design challenge. The students were asked to design, build, and deliver Assistive Technology solutions for elementary students living with severe and profound physical and cognitive disabilities. Video is below. CLICK HERE to get all the project details.