Where is the "Makey Makey Labz"?

CLICK HERE to access Makey Makey Labz, the most amazing and comprehensive living archive of Makey Makey lesson plans and activities.

Where is the online community of educators using Makey Makeys?

CLICK HERE to join the educators FORUM.

What apps can I use with the Makey Makey?

Here's a few apps to get you started: makeymakey.com/apps However, almost any computer program can be controlled / manipulated with the Makey Makey.

Is the Makey Makey easy to use?

Yes, no programming or software needed! All you have to do is alligator clip stuff together and surf the web to find a cool application to get started.

What is included in each Makey Makey educator’s kit?

Everything you need to get started! Each Educator’s Makey Makey includes:

- 1 x Makey Makey Board

- 1 x USB Cable

- 7 x Alligator Clips

- 6 x Connector Wires

- Illustrated Instruction Guide to Getting Started

- Educator’s Guide Lesson Plans

What operating systems does Makey Makey run on?

Makey Makey works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and on many flavors of Linux (Ubuntu, etc). Makey Makey works on some tablets and mobile devices, but is not officially supported.

How many keys can be pressed at once with a Makey Makey?

Makey Makey can press as many keys as your keyboard allows at once, which is 6. You can use up to 18 in a session (6 on the front of Makey Makey and 12 on the back), but only 6 can be held down simultaneously.

Can I use multiple Makey Makeys at once on 1 computer?

Yes! You can plug in two or more at once and create an orchestra of Makey Makey! (Officially tested with up to 3, but could work for more).

How do I use the back of the Makey Makey?

The connections on the back of the Makey Makey are what’s called “female header.” They’re rows of little sockets, designed for wires to stick into. One easy way to use them is with the included connector wires (a.k.a. jumper wires), which are wires with little pins on either end that stick nicely into the header. You can also buy additional ones separately, but be sure to get the male/male ones. You can also find clever ways to use stuff you already have – for example, we’ve found that both paper clips and safety pins work great for this purpose!

How do I remap the keys?

With a Makey Makey version 1.2, you can easily remap keys directly in your browser at this website: www.makeymakey.com/remap

Is the 5v output protected?

The back of the Makey Makey has a 5v output. If a student accidentally shorts something out while using the 5v output the Makey Makey board has a built in “circuit breaker” that will shut the device off. If the Makey Makey does shut down you can easily and quickly reset it by unplugging it from the computer and then plugging it back in again (to the USB port). As of the writing of this FAQ, we've never had a report of shorting anything out (i.e. the built in "circuit breaker" works great). Also, Macs have a built in USB port protection as do many higher end Windows machines (but cheap Windows machines do not).

How many amps does the 5v output on the back produce?

Approximately 500ma.