Maine Women's Lacrosse Officials' Association: M.W.L.O.A

The Maine Women's Lacrosse Officials Association, MWLOA, is the parent organization for all officials of the girls' game of lacrosse in the State of Maine.  Our parent organization is US Lacrosse.  All officials are certified through the auspices of US Lacrosse.  Our, approximately 75 members, officiate all levels of girls' lacrosse in Maine: high school varsity and junior varsity games, middle school games, and rec program team games. 

This website is designed for officials of the girls' game in Maine and for those that would like information on how to become an umpire of the girls' game.  If you are interested in officiating boys' lacrosse, please visit the website for Maine Lacrosse Officials Association (MLOA) for information:

Executive Board
President - Sue Perkins: '22 - perkins.susanj [at]
Vice President - Dave Berrang: '20 - dave.berrang [at]
Secretary - Rebecca Tanous: '21 - rebecca.tanous [at]
Treasurer - Jamie Chamberlain: '21 - 
jtc987 [at]
Interpreter and Ratings Chair - Anita Thomas: '22 - athomas2 [at]
Youth Liaison and MPA Liaison - Barbara Snapp: '22 - snappbd [at]
Member at Large - Krystal Trull Arenstam: '20 - k.arenstam207 [at]
Member at Large - Quinn Alexander: '22 - 
quinn.alexander [at] 
Member at Large - Elayna Girardin: '22 - 
girardine [at} 
Member at Large - Barb Dunham: '20 - bdunham1 [at] 
Member at Large - Andrew Gordon: '20 - gordo [at] 

Assignor - High School
Tom Perkins - perkins.thomasr [at]

Assignor - Middle School and Rec Programs
Geo Almasi - geoalmasi [at]