We focus on integrating computational and experimental methods to investigate and elucidate complex biological problems from the global and/or genome-wide scales, to individual biological molecules. 

We are particularly interested in utilising so-called Systems Biology approaches to study different aspects of Regulation of Gene ExpressionThat is, how the same genetic information is expressed differentially at different times and places, as well as in response to altered environmental conditions.

The group is currently working on three research areas: (1) Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation via interplay between transcription factors and nucleosomes; (2) A system approach to molecular mechanisms of genetic diseases and cancers.

Please check out our Research and Publications pages for more details. 

We are based at Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science; and Integrative Computational BioScience (ICBS) center, Mahidol University, Thailand.

Recent Announcements

  • VC gave a 10x webinar on Updates on single-cell transcriptomics in around the world and in Thailand The talk (in Thai) is available here on demand.   https://www.10xgenomics.com/videos/seminars/updates-on-single-cell-transcriptomics-in-biomolecular-research-around-the-world-and-in-thailand/
    Posted 24 Jun 2020, 21:10 by Varodom Charoensawan
  • VC lab in the news สร้าง “แผนที่ชีวโมเลกุล” แก้ปัญหาพืชยุคโลกร้อนเผยแพร่: 23 เม.ย. 2562 10:24   โดย: ผู้จัดการออนไลน์https://mgronline.com/science/detail/9620000039169?fbclid ...
    Posted 24 Apr 2019, 06:40 by Varodom Charoensawan
  • VC lab in the media: Asia's Rising Scientists We are honoured to be interviewed and featured in the column Asia’s Rising Scientists, appearing this week in the website Asian Scientist.   "Using a systems biology approach, our lab ...
    Posted 13 May 2018, 00:46 by Varodom Charoensawan
  • FAOBMB Young Scientist Award and TRF-OHEC-Scopus Young Researcher Award 2018 Dr Varodom Charoensawan will receive the FAOBMB Young Scientist Award, and will present his work at the 24th IUBMB-15th FAOBMB Congress, to take place in Seoul, Korea, 4-9th ...
    Posted 13 May 2018, 00:37 by Varodom Charoensawan
  • Thailand's Young Scientist Award We are wholeheartedly grateful to be selected as one of the four Young Scientist Awardees this year (organized by Foundation for the Promotion and Science and Technology under the Patronage ...
    Posted 21 Aug 2017, 00:50 by Varodom Charoensawan
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