Your health and our community’s health are very important to us. 

That is why we recommend following the established vaccine schedule. By doing so, many deadly infections that once inflicted our society have become rare and forgotten.

We follow the standardized Vaccine schedule per the guidelines that can be found at the CDC website.

Specific information about individual vaccines can be found here: CDC Vaccine Information Statements

Many commonly asked questions may be found at and at the CDC's Parents Page.

MACM Immunization Schedule

* Influenza vaccines should be given yearly in the Fall to EVERYBODY over 6 months of age

unless medically contraindicated.

Newborn – Hep B (one shot)

1 month – None

2 months – Hep B, { DTaP/Hib/IPV (Pentacel)}, PCV13, Rotavirus (oral) (3 shots and one oral drop)

4 months – {DTaP/Hib/IPV (Pentacel)}, PCV 13, Rotavirus (2 shots and one oral drop)

6 months – Hep B, {DTaP/Hib/IPV (Pentacel)}, PCV13, Rotavirus (3 shots and one oral drop)

9 months – None

12 months – MMR, PCV13, Hep A (3 shots) (also one blood draw for blood count and lead level)

15 months – Varicella, DTaP, Hib (3 shots)

18 months – Hep A (1 shot)

24 months – None

3 years – None

4 years – (MMR/Varicella), DTaP, IPV (3 shots)

5-10 years – None

11 years – MCV4, TdaP,

                  -- Plus, begin HPV4 series (series of 3 over 6 months)

16 years – MCV4

Every 10 years - Td or Tdap

60 years - Zostavax (shingles)

65 years - PCV13

66 years   - Pneumovax

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