After Hours Care

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Phone Calls

One of our doctors is on call at all times.  If you need to speak to one of the doctors about an urgent matter, please contact us through our answering service, 


We will make every effort to return your call as promptly as we can.  As the on-call doctor will be out of the office and doing other things or on the line with other patients when paged, please be patient.


Routine calls such as appointments, refills and minor symptoms should be handled during the working hours at the office.

After Hours Clinics

If you need to be seen after working hours, we recommend the following clinics in order of preference

(click on the links for hours and directions)

Beaumont Urgent Cares 

Warren Urgent Care

DocNow Urgent Care Centers

Out of town and need care? Click on the 

                            Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Finder.