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 Dropping Daylight Concert




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July 5th - Space Launch !









June 2006 Quotes







April 23rd Holy Guacomole!!


 Football crowds are building for this titanic match between O-hi-0 and Texas,  I just got a new address 3845 RR 2222 #35 78731 , sweet , I have been living like a vagrant, moving from place to place, but i did get to stay in a Studio 6, now that's just high dollar lifestyle !  


 Went with my sister and friends went to Breaking Benjamin,Evans Blue and Dropping Daylight (the opener)  who I thought was the best  at the Verizon Wireless, I need to take some photos off my phone once I find that crazy cable!



 "Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers."
  - TS Eliot

 "When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice."
  - Marquis de la Grange


Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) and his new company Blue Origin LLC announced their new plans for commerical space vehicle,  in the midst of the Independence Day Launch of STS-121  , Blue Origin's requirements for employment are concisely put into bits of veracity ! 

  1. You must have a genuine passion for space. Without passion, you will find what we're trying to do too difficult. There are much easier jobs.
  2. You must want to work in a small company.
  3. We are building real hardware -- not PowerPoint presentations. This must excite you. You must be a builder.

Favorite Quotes June 2006

"If God had wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates."
      - Jay Leno 

"Robots are too serious to be taken seriously "

All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.

      - Alexandre Dumas


HKN initiation and Holy Guacomole!

This was an awesome day, I got to initiate people ! that just sounds crazy or somewhat akward, 

I played way too much fuzzyball and worked homework until my eyes turned red, (I really have a serious eye problem when starring too long at computer screens, gHeezz) 

 Then dinner was at a new place called Moe's on campus, I tricked my friend Anton into drinking a avocado shake (really just gacumole and sprite) Yes, I know that is mean and dangerous but give me a second to explain.  He really likes avocado shakes and he was saddened they did not have a thick green milkshake.  It was really funny I promise ! 

Then I decided to take my nice green shake out on the town.  I happened to run into the usual Guadalupe Drag people (bums) and they politely asked me for money.  I told them all I had was this nasty green milkshake.  They must have been hungry because they went ahead and took my homebrew shake.  After I did this, I realized I might have put myself in a tight spot so I decided to walk quickly away from the situation.   Overall, good day for the lonely life of an EE.