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Fall 2006 Courses @ UT-Austin 

Embedded Interfacing EE 345M - Jon Valvano, LabSession ECJ1.204 1PM Friday  , Example Projects , Schedule ,

Robotics - CS 344R -lab link, Ben Kuipers, TTH 10-11AM, TAY4.130C print out lectures before class, check in PAI 1.140 Robot Lab as FYI 

Computer Architecture EE 360N - Derek Chiou, print out slides before, get problem set printed and completed before class, submit labs online

VLSI - EE 360R - Jacob Abraham, TA Hours , print out slides before

Data Mining - CS 372   - Inderjit (need textbook link), 

Student Org Related Activites - RAS and HKN 

useful Links- Office of Student Life (OSL) , VectorChallenge

How to Unicycle ,PRC Bus Weekday ,

OpenCygwin-->startx,EnableTunnellingPutty,start Process(i.e. yumex &)

Useful things to Remember, rhosts file helps rsh into any machine without passwords ,

Spring 2006 Classes 

Multiagent Systems - Peter Stone 

Digital Signal Processing - Arslan Guner/Brian Evans (cool MathScripts) 

Digital Video & Image Processing - Al Bovik 

Power Electronics - Mack Grady 

 Flight Control Lab - Bishop/Jorge Alvarez


Fall 2005 Classes 

Transistor Electronics II - F. Bostick 

Control Systems - B. Buckman 

Solid State Electronics - L. Register 

Technical Communications - B. Fagelson

Electromagnetics - Cardwell

Fall 2004 Classes 

Transistor Electronics - F. Bostick

Modern Physics - Sonia Paban

 Digital Logic Systems - Brown

Microcontrollers - Lipovski 

Signals & Systems - Cardwell  

Summer 2004  

 C++ Programming - M. Johnstone 

Laplace & Fourier Transforms - Guy

Spring 2004 Classes 

 Circuit Theory - Jack Lee

C Programming - Craig Chase 

E-M Physics - Charles Chiu 

Independent Design - TSGC - Howard Neal, Mandell 

Differential Equations - Bichteler

Fall 2003 Classes 

Intro to Computer Architecture - Tony Ambler

Intro to Circuits - Howard Neal 

Mechanics- Physics - Niu

Calculus II -