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Other Publications

  •  Review “Generalised Latent Variable Modelling: Multilevel, Longitudinal and Structural Equation Models. A. Skrondal and S. Rabe-Hesketh” 2005
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Working Papers

Current Research

Income, Wellbeing and Finance

  • "The Determinants of Individual Well-Being Across Europe" (with A. Aslam).
SIRE Discussion Papers 2011-02, Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE).
SERC Discussion Papers 0071, Spatial Economics Research Centre, LSE.

           Reports and Invited Articles: Regional Well-Being across EU

Monetary and International Economics

  • "Reserves, liquidity and money: an assessment of balance sheet policies" (2012), (with J. Chadha and J. Meaning), Bank International Settlements (BIS) Papers No 66. Proceedings from the Bank of Thailand-BIS Research Conference on "Central bank balance sheets in Asia and the Pacific: the policy challenges ahead".
    • CEIS Working Paper No. 230
    • University of Kent School of Economics Discussion Papers No. 1208.
  • "Reconnecting Money to Infation: the Role of the External Finance Premium" now circulated as "A Note on Money and the Conduct of Monetary Policy", (with J. Chadha and S. Holly). CDMA Working Paper Series 0806 and Cambridge  Working Papers in Economics 0852.  Appendix
  •  Macro-prudential Policy on Liquidity: What does a DSGE Model tell us? (with J. Chadha) School of Economics Kent Discussion Paper KDPE 1108.
  •  "Bank Lending, Housing Collateral and Stabilisation Policy", (with G. Corrado and J. Chadha).  Paper present at the Workshop in Honour of Stephen Turnovsky, Vienna May 2010.


  • "Model Approximation through Persistent Excitation", (with A. Aslam and S. Holly).