JP Parisien Memorial Race

Race Date:  February 4th, 2018

The JP Parisien Memorial Race is a slalom ski race traditionally held the weekend of Martin Luther King Day each year at Lost Valley Ski Area in Auburn, Maine. The JP competitors include racers from Maine Alpine Racing Association (MARA) clubs, racers who participate in the Maine Junior Ski League and racers from the general public. With the addition of U18 & U21 in 2013, we began running two courses: a stubby gate SL for the U12 and Under and a tall gate SL with 27mm gates for the U14 through U21 racers. A stubby slalom course is set using the shorter 70-cm-long (28-inch) Hero gates that will bend easily and always return upright. This allows young and developing racers to to take a closer line, as they “clear” the gates without colliding with the more solid pole used in adult slalom. Hero gates may be cleared with just the racer’s shins. Pole guards for the ski poles and slalom bars for the helmets are not needed. This race is open to anyone who meets the age requirements—you do not need to be a United States Ski Association (USSA) member to enter, making this many young racers’ first event.

Racers will compete in Seven age categories: U21 (18-20 yrs), U18 (16-17 yrs), U16 (14-15 yrs) down by two-year increments to U8 (7 and under). The traditional J6 category that the Lost Valley Racing Club had never stop using at this event is now U8, and the old J3 category racers fall under U16. The day’s competition consists of two races run on the newly homologated Big Buck race trail. The times are added together, and the racer with the lowest total time wins. A racer who does not finish the two runs correctly is disqualified. There is a break between the first and second runs. This allows time for the racers to get some food and warm up as well as time for the race crew to reset the course before second run inspection.

Register early and receive a complementary JP Memorial tee shirt at registration. The event ends with participants gathering in the lodge for an awards ceremony with medals for the top three in each category, as well as bib drawings pulled from all who raced. In keeping with Race tradition, the winners in U8 are each awarded a small gift, as well as a medal. Finally, the top three names in each category are engraved on a plaque with past champions of the event that is displayed in the lodge for all to see for years to come. It is lots of fun to look back at the past champions or to see your or a family member’s name among the winners from years ago.

  Online Registration and Payment for the Race is Here!

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YearRace WinnerCategoryPlaceRace Club
YearRace WinnerCategoryPlaceRace Club
2017 Landon Marquis  U10 M 3rd Camden 
2017 Ethan Bouchard  U12 M 1st GACP 
2017 Dylan Arkowitz U16 M 2nd GACP 
2017 Brody Hawthorne U16 M 1st GACP 
2017 Reis Stamaris  U10 M 2nd CVA 
2017 Seti Capelli U12 F 2nd GACP 
2017 Jeffrey Adey  U12 M 3rd GACP 
2017 Riley Jerome  U12 F 3rd GACP 
2017 Bridget Sapak  U10 F 3rd GACP 
2017 Anya Monson U12 F 1st GACP 
2017 Natalie Brocke U14 F 3rd LVRC 
2017 Lydian Frost U16 F 1st Maranacook 
2017 Oscar Horovitz  U16 M 3rd Camden 
2017 Kira Hierbert U8 F 3rd GACP 
2017 Jackson Melendy U14 M 2nd Kents Hill 
2017 Courtney Larson U14 F 1st LVRC 
2017 Farley Ordway U8 F 1st GACP 
2017 Tate Hearst   U8 M 2nd Camden 
2017 Hunter Kuftinec U14 M 1st GACP 
2017 Hannah Arel U19 F 1st LVRC 
2017 Ian Christie  U10 M 1st CVA 
2017 Timothy Teguis U12 M 2nd GACP 
2017 Charlie Balz  U8 M 3rd SPRT 
2017 Noah Lachance  U14 M 3rd Camden 
2017 Ethan Godomsky U8 M 1st GACP 
2017 Abby Sullivan U10 F 1st GACP 
2017 Ava Hersey U10 F 2nd GACP 
2017 Ashlyn Poirier  U8 F 2nd CVA 
2017 Haley Serafino U14 F 2nd GACP 
Showing 29 items