The LVRC Staff

Allan Lobozzo: Coach Lobozzo was the head coach for the Shawnee Peak Race Team for 7 years, coached in the Gould/Sunday river program for 7 years, was Chair of the Maine Alpine Racing Association Childrens’ Committee for 5 years, ski raced in Europe as a young man, and at the University of Maine when it had a Division I team. He is a former Level 300 USSA coach, who retired briefly from coaching for a year in 2014-15, but recognizes the tremendous potential that new ownership brings to Lost Valley, and wants to be a part of the inevitable resurgence of ski racing to the Auburn-Lewiston area. He is eager to have additional training as an option for club members who might like to get started earlier in the season and train beyond the scheduled six weeks. This may include some training days at Lost Valley, some other nearby ski resorts and a couple of area races. There is some exciting planning going on to have our club grow and have some opportunities to show our kids skills at other race venues.

Tara Eretzian:
Coach Eretzian has spent many years racing and and providing awesome training.  She race in in College with Plymouth State College from 1998 to 2001.  After that, she was the Head Coach JIV at Waterville Valley Academy WVBBTS, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire  for the years 2001 and 2002.  She then assumed the role as Assistant coach for Edward Little High School for the  2002-2003 ski season.  For the next ski season 2003-2004, she headed out to Colorado to become the Assistant Coach for the JII-JI FIS  team at Team Summit, Summit County.  Finally, she returned to Auburn to become the awesome Head Coach Edward Little High School for the years 2005-2014.

The Board:
President:  John Herrick
Vice President: Sean Watson
Treasurer: Shannon Vincent
Secretary:  Tracy Herrick

Kevin Arel
Gretchen Slover
Daryn Slover
Dave Beaudin
April Shanaman
Tracey Levesque

Where We Practice

Lost Valley