Winners February 2023

December 2022 Sweepstake Results:

1st Prize £50 Maureen Taylor

2nd Prize £25 Harry Foster

3rd Prize £15 Ben Alcock

4th Prize £10 Peter Boyle

January 2023 Sweepstake Results:

1st Prize £50 Patricia Forster

2nd Prize £25 Lorna Brunt

3rd Prize £15 Jan Bryce

4th Prize £10 Mr N Cunningham

A big thanks to all who supported the sweepstake last year. We were able to hand over £934 to the Village Hall committee, which goes towards supporting the running of the hall as an asset for the whole village.

If you would like to join the sweepstake for the coming year or would like an additional number if you are already in, please contact

Garry or Janice 07713 583311 or feel free to call round to 24 Church View.