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 Welcome to Probate Court

Our Mission
We are here to carry out the duties assigned under the Constitution and laws of Georgia as a Court of Record with Exclusive jurisdiction over the following:
                    -    deceased persons' estate
                    -    guardianship of minor and incapacitated adults
                    -    determining the need for involuntary     
                          treatment of mentally ill, mentally retarded
                          and drug and alcohol dependent individuals;
                    -    issuance of marriage and firearms licenses.
The Probate Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction over:
                    -    the probating of wills of decedents
                    -    appointing administrators and executors of 
                          decedent's estates
                    -    issuing marriage and firearms licenses
                    -    appointing guardians for minors and
                          incapacitated adults
                    -    holding hearings and making judicial 
                          determinations in all controversies
                          involving incapacitated adults, minors, 
                          and estates of decedents                      

Meet our Judge:
Bobby H. Smith, III
Chief Judge of Probate and Magistrate Courts