The Link Learning ICTPD cluster in Nelson, NZ, are trying to draw together our thoughts around how to better promote Home School Partnerships. We are also able to add our contributions to the Home School Partnership Group on the VLN.

Why is this important? Best Evidence Synthesis points to learning being most successful when..
  • Quality teaching is focused on student achievement (including social outcomes) and facilities high standards of student outcomes for heterogeneous groups of students.
  • Pedagogical practices enable classes and other learning groupings to work as caring, inclusive, and cohesive learning communities.
  • Effective links are created between school and other cultural contexts in which students are socialised, to facilitate learning.
  • Quality teaching is responsive to student learning processes.
  • Opportunity to learn is effective and sufficient.
  • Multiple task contexts support learning cycles.
  • Curriculum goals, resources including ICT usage, task design, teaching and school practices are effectively aligned.
  • Pedagogy scaffolds and provides appropriate feedback on students' task engagement.
  • Pedagogy promotes learning orientations, student self-regulation, metacognitive strategies and thoughtful student discourse.
  • Teachers and students engage constructively in goal-oriented assessment.
This web site brings together some of the Lead Teachers' ideas.

Please add your ideas to this open Google Doc so we can add your ideas to the pool.