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Our Product - "Making People Laugh and Cry Since 2002"

Living Scrapbooks ® is a multi-media expression of your true feelings towards someone through the selection of photos, video, songs, spoken word audio, mementos (e.g. newspapers, programs, children's artwork) and titles/verses. The subject of each photo is carefully cropped and animated using advanced digital pan and zooms to provide a unique moving experience. Custom digital transitions between photos make the presentation flow smoothly. Living Scrapbooks ® offers a true cinematic experience while our competitors offer a "musical slideshow".

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Mom & Dad Andrews 50th Anniversary-HD 720p.mov

"Your Photos and Music Come Alive On DVD"

"Well, you have successfully made a grown man cry! The Birthday boy was moved to tears and too emotional to finish his speech to all his attending friends. Immediately following the ending of the clip, I had to rerun the video per multiple requests as they did not want the “good ” to stop. Thank you again for an outstanding product and service. But most importantly, thank you for making me so popular :)"

Van Martini, 50th Birthday (another repeat customer)

" I just wanted to let you know the video was amazing. You were right, it made my dad laugh and cry and for the most part he's usually not a very emotional person. My sisters and I cried every time we watched it. There were several people at the anniversary party that commented on what a wonderful job you did. I'm so glad I chose your website."

Brenda Bizzle, 50th Anniversary

"I don't know what to say....The DVD is wonderful! I was so nervous about it, but it is just beautiful! Even, my husband, whom I think was a bit skeptical, was blown away! He kept commenting on how classy it was...he was so impressed! That's exactly why I chose you -- for the classic presentation. I saw so many companies that offered gimmicks and graphics. My parents' love can stand on its own....no special effects needed!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work. It is just lovely!!"

Terrie Walz, 50th Anniversary

"I want to take this moment to extend heartfelt thanks for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Video. Simply put, I was blown away with your work of art! You and your wonderful staff are truly gifted artisans. The editing was magnificent the photos are superbly timed to the music and displayed in a manner that keeps the audiences eyes glued to the screen. Over the years, as a military officer, I've grown accustomed to presenting a stoic face, but after viewing your video last night, I can honestly say you had my tears flowing like rain! It was truly an emotional experience. By the way, we had to add one more item to each of the dinner tables at my parents upcoming wedding anniversary celebration a box of Kleenex! Our parent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration was this past Saturday, and folks still can't stop praising the presentation you so expertly created for us. The tears flowed freely that day, especially from the "elders" after they saw pictures of themselves from "days gone by." I was swamped with requests for copies of the DVD. In fact, the professional photographer we hired for the day asked me all about your product - he's planning on contacting me for his parent's 60th wedding anniversary celebration. Thank You Again!"

- Neil G. Battinelli, Jr., 50th Anniversary

Perfect for Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays, Funerals, Tributes, Awards, Retirement, Family History and Genealogical Presentations, Religious Events (Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, First Communion, Confirmation), Anniversaries, Vacations & Honeymoons, School & Family Reunions, Mothers & Fathers Day, Just to Say "I Love You" ... or any other occasion! Living Scrapbooks ® can also be used for actor/musician/model/artist portfolios, business presentations, virtual home/building tours, travelogues, documentaries, music videos, and many other applications.