Can't I create my own "Living Scrapbook ®" ?

Yes, anyone with the correct equipment and experience can. In order to accomplish the same professional results the typical home computer would need an additional $4,200 in audio/video hardware and software upgrades. In addition the user would have to have 5+ years in multimedia integration. Just like pouring cement, anyone can do it however for it to look professional, you need to use a service with the right equipment and experience.

What about your competitors?

Living Scrapbooks ® provides a unique service that is akin to professional film editing and documentary services. Our presentations are carefully storyboarded, with each digital motion (pan and/or zoom) selected based on the natural flow of each picture. Our competitors offer a slide show with a musical background.

Can I scan my own photos?

Yes, however you will not achieve the professional results we can achieve with our high precision scanners. We use patented LIDE® (LED Indirect Exposure) technology with 48-bit color and 1200 dpi optical resolution.

I’m afraid to send my pictures in the mail!

We have been in the business of audio and video restoration and preservation since 1997 dealing with materials sent to us from all parts across the globe. We have established procedures in place for the careful handling of your photographs. If you own a scanner and a CD burner, contact us and we will give you the specifications to scan your photos.

What size photos can I use?

Using our high precision scanning process we can scan photos as small as wallet size (1"x1.5") up to 11"x17".

What about copywritten music?

It is safe to say almost all music has a copyright. In order for us to use it, you have to supply the original CD (no CDR's) or we can purchase a copy via Rhapsody for as little at 99 cents per song. We can also use stock, royalty free music at no extra cost. In addition the Living Scrapbook video is deemed for personal use only and not meant for viewing outside of your family and friends; it cannot be uploaded to video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube) or played on commercial airwaves (e.g. cable).

Are the DVD-R's you produce compatible with my home DVD player?

We use DVD-R technology from Pioneer, the industry innovator and leader in DVD compatibility. To check if your DVD player is compatible with DVD-R.

Can I add verbal messages in the video?

Yes, we can add your voice-overs at any part of the video, just as we do music clips. Simply record your messages and lets us know where you would like them in the video along with music overlays.

Our anniversary isn't for 2 months. When should I send the pictures and audio?

Normally our turn around time for our production is 1 week (unless it is a funeral). However as you begin trying to pick out your photos, music, and other things you might want to add (e.g. video, voice-overs) you should allow yourself as much time as possible.

How quickly can you do a tribute video?

Nobody can plan when their loved ones will pass away. For funerals, Living Scrapbooks ® will fulfill your order and ship within 24 hours of receipt of your project. We do not penalize you for things that are beyond your control.

Perfect for Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays, Funerals, Tributes, Awards, Retirement, Family History and Genealogical Presentations, Religious Events (Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, First Communion, Confirmation), Anniversaries, Vacations & Honeymoons, School & Family Reunions, Mothers & Fathers Day, Just to Say "I Love You" ... or any other occasion! Living Scrapbooks ® can also be used for actor/musician/model/artist portfolios, business presentations, virtual home/building tours, travelogues, documentaries, music videos, and many other applications.