Grange Exchange

The Grange Exchange is taking a winter break during the current Covid-19 shelter-in place order. Please check back in the spring 2021!

The purpose of the Grange Exchange is to give members a regular space to barter and/or sell and buy produce, products, and crafts made from their gardens and local farms to create a resilient local food culture, economy and community. For regulatory reasons, only Grange members and their guests may participate in the Grange Exchange. You do not have to have something to trade or sell to participate. Several farmers and ranchers prefer to sell their products with only a small amount of trading. Be sure to bring cash to buy items for sale by other members.

Meet your fellow Neighbors and Grangers at the Exchange!

  • 4 pm Set up your product(s) to trade or sell. If you plan to sell, a $5-10 donation to the Grange is suggested. Products should be 95% organic, mostly local ingredients.

  • 4:30-6pm Exchange!

The Grange Exchange typically features seasonal produce, avocados and fruit, grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, eggs for sale and a good variety of fresh goat and cow milk cheeses. There are also fruit leathers from dried local fruit, sun-dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, gluten and grain free crackers and a wide variety of fermented products such as sauerkraut, kimchi fruit chutney, kombucha, kefir and more. Availability varies month to month and depending on the seasons. Although each trade/sell action is unique to the individuals involved, a pint is typically valued between $5-$15. We welcome more crafters, horticulturalists and cooks of all ages.

Special Instructions for Participants During the Covid-19 Pandemic

All Grange Exchange participants must wear face coverings. Grange Exchange vendors must bring their own small table/chair, or a blanket to spread on the ground and are encouraged to pre-bag to minimize contact and expedite shopping and transactions. Sampling of prepared food is not allowed.

For questions about participating in the Grange Food Exchange, contact Jean Harrah.

You can confirm when the next 2nd Sunday of the month will be by checking the Grange Community Calendar .