History SCLO Grange

History of the Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange

The Live Oak Grange was chartered on August 5, 1932 with thirty members. By 1936, membership grew to 150 members. The present lot was purchased in 1949. Construction of the Grange hall was started in November 17, 1956 and was completed in March 1957 at a cost of $11,000, with much donated labor. Membership went on a sharp decline in the 1980's and 1990's, and there was a possibility that the SCLO Grange would be closed. A small group of new members, acting in concert, led an effort to revitalize the SCLO Grange by starting programs of interest to local organic farmers and consumers. This was the birth of the "Green Grange."

Since many Granges across the US were experiencing a similar drop in membership, the robust success of the SCLO Grange in opening its doors to its community and attracting many new members inspired the National Grange to move ahead in 1999 with the formation of a "Special Task Force to Reform the Grange." Daniel Feldman, the Green Grange's Master/President at the time, was asked to represent the CA State Grange on that Task Force. The findings of the Task Force led to the creation of experimental or "Action Granges," of which the SCLO Grange became the first. Since then many more Granges, primarily in California, have elected to adopt the Action Grange format.