Rental Rates, Terms & Conditions

Prospective Renters should download and print a copy of the 

Please print the agreement and send a signed copy with a check for your rental fee and security deposit to:

Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange

Attn: Hall Rental Manager

1900 17th Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

You may also e-mail your signed agreement to the Grange Rental Manager.  After your rental agreement has been received, rental payments can be made through Paypal 


For-Profit Companies & Private Individuals 

·       $35/hour (M-F  8am-5pm) + $25-$75 kitchen use fee

·       $40-$50/hour (after 5pm and weekend rate) + $25-$75 kitchen use fee

·       Cleaning deposit of $100-$300 (depending on use)

Non-profit Organizations, Community Groups and Public Agencies

·       $35/hour  + $25-$75 kitchen use fee 

·       Cleaning deposit of $100-$300 (depending on use)

Grange Members and Associate Grange Members using the Hall for-Profit

·       $30/hour (no kitchen use or cleaning deposit fees)


1.      Permission to rent the hall for private events will be at the discretion of the Hall Rental Manager in consultation with the Grange President.

2.      Minimum rental is for 2-hours, entry to exit.

3.      A rental fee is charged from the time a renter enters the hall until the time they leave the hall in the same condition they found it.

4.      Rental fees are due one week in advance by printed check (at least name and local address), and there are no refunds if the event is canceled.

5.       Renters must remit a $100-$300 cleaning deposit (to be determined by the Hall Rental Manager) via a separate printed check, also due one week before the event. The renter will be charged appropriately (minimum $25) if the hall is not left in the condition it was found, or if they go substantially beyond their indicated end time. The balance will be sent to the renter by check within two weeks. Otherwise, the deposit check will be returned by mail or destroyed at the request of the renter.

6.      All renters for events or meetings not sponsored by the SCLO Grange must have their own minimum $1M liability insurance. A certificate from their insurer that indemnifies the SCLO Grange as an additional insured for the event must be received by the Grange one week before the event. Renters will be held liable for any damage done to the hall by themselves or any of their guests not due to normal wear and tear. The Hall Rental Manager will inspect the hall following an event to determine whether or not such damage has occurred. All ongoing renters must submit a new certificate annually.

7.       The renter has been issued _______ key(s) to the hall. The renter agrees to not make copies of the key.  If the renter loses their key(s), they shall notify the hall manager immediately and pay $10 for each replacement copy. All keys shall be returned to the hall manager immediately upon termination of their classes or meetings.

8.      In consideration for our neighbors, weekday events M - Th must end by 9:00PM with the hall cleaned and empty by 10:00pm.  Friday and Saturday events must end by 10:00pm with the hall cleaned and empty by 11:00pm. Events on Sundays are limited to between 1:00 - 6:00PM. The volume of amplified music at all events must be moderated.

9.      At the discretion of the Hall Rental Manager, alcohol may be permitted for an event. The renter must provide an additional alcohol rider to their indemnification of the Grange Hall for the event.

10.  In the case of a large event, renter will assign responsible persons to oversee security and parking and direct people to the overflow parking site when necessary. If the renter cannot provide such personnel, then an additional fee of $25/hr (minimum 1 hour) will be charged to staff the parking lot on the front end of the event.

11.  The Grange has a zero-waste event policy. All effort should be made by renters to produce as little trash as possible by using materials that can be reused, recycled, or composted. Renters must recycle and haul away their own trash.

12.  The Live Oak Grange is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all community members regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion (or lack thereof). If a renter or a renter’s guest(s) engages in advocating or encouraging intolerance for or hatred of other social groups, the Live Oak Grange will cancel this contract.

Renters are required to print and sign these Terms and Conditions and mail an original signed copy to the SCLO Grange with their rental and deposit checks and certificate of insurance in advance of their event. Ongoing renters must submit a new Terms and Conditions contract annually.