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Welcome to Lieben!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this little piece of heaven, Lieben is a historic site on Bowen Island that inspired many of Canada’s most famous writers and artists. It has been the topic of many articles and editorials, not to mention being a visiting place for “Write on Bowen” festival attendees.
It was the home of Muriel and Einar Nielson in the 50’s and 60’s and was a second home for many creative off-island people. It was always full of music and laughter and discussions often went long into the night. The house no longer exists and with the wish of the Nielson's they donated the land to “remain in perpetuity as a Nature Reserve".
We (Katherine, Keith and now daughter Anna Grace) have had the privilege of overlooking Lieben for the past fifteen years and have created this website to establish an ‘electronic Lieben’. Hopefully, it will assist our local Bowen artists in the same way that Lieben inspired these earlier famous Canadian writers. (Earle Birney, Dorothy Livesay, Malcolm Lowry, etc). The Google Map can be seen here (we are the house overlooking the site).
Consider this a place where you can gather information, be inspired, learn about your neighbours or promote yourself in a comfortable community environment. After all, wouldn’t it be great in this economy to be able to rely on each other for support? As we can no longer depend on government/taxpayer security we have to go back to relying on ourselves to self-promote.


We are not funded by any association or government program.  Want to help us? Please donate.

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