Licht 'n Stein Photos

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Licht 'n Stein House in the Fall

A 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Green House/Passive House

with a modern design, 21st-century comfort and a near $0 utility bill

located just outside the beautiful town of Lanesboro, MN.

View from the South

Passive Solar: 60% of windows on the southside (with overhang for summer cooling);

900 sq.ft. 100% recycled plastic decking with aluminum railing.

Licht 'n Stein in the Summer

Christian Milaster standing on the deck of his home.

Wind Generator as seen from the Deck

The 1kW Wind Generator with some Spectacular Clouds


Close-up of the small Wind Generator

Electrical Control Room

Living Room with Masonry Stove

(red tile floor with embedded radiant in-floor heating)

The Masonry Stove

A wood-fired stove with a convolute flu system that requires only one firing a day

which heats up the 4-5,000 pounds of stone and firebrick.

Dining Room


from left to right: Sears fridge (372 kWh/year), propane stove, dishwasher.

Granite countertop from Cold Springs, MN

Kitchen Counter

Birch kitchen cabinets with millet grass embedded in acrylic.

Stairs to the Upper Level

Natural Maple staircase with one-piece stringers

made by Region Millworks in Elgin

Living Room from the Stair Landing

Fall Flowers courtesy of Sarah Johnson of Rural Spring Valley

Family Bath

Thank you for your Interest!

                                                                            -- Christian Milaster

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