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My name is Leslie Jiménez. I am a chilean woman over her 35's who has discovered that likes to have a multidisciplinary life. I am a (pro)active, social and creative person who likes to do many things at the time. I would define myself as a Lindy Hopper and someone who loves to sing. I can not imagine my life without being like this. All I am as a teacher, researcher, tutor, even person rigth now is due to I have those activities in my life. My main background at work is Math, which I has turned around Math education some years ago, more specifically I turned into didactic of mathematics. Since then (and even earlier without knowing it), I have been trying to build an interdisciplinary (work) life. I am looking forward to see into what it will become.

Currently, I work as a Lecturer (UK) at University of Chile, Science Faculty, Math department. I teach mainly in the early years of the math and physics pedagogy career. I do research in university math education.

I was an academic visitor (Postdoctoral fellow the 2 first years) at Linköping University from January 2015 to September 2017. During this period, I did research on pure mathematics (complex geometry) and didactic of mathematic.

Before that, I got my PhD degree in Math in July 2014 by University of Chile, under the supervision of professor Anita Rojas.

“No reniego de mi naturaleza, no reniego demis elecciones, de todosmodos he sido unaafortunada. Muchas vecesen el dolor se encuentranlos placeres más profundos,las verdades más complejas,la felicidad mas certera. Tanabsurdo y fugaz es nuestropaso por el mundo, que solome deja tranquila el saberque he sido auténtica, quehe logrado ser lo masparecido a mi misma que hepodido.”
Frida Khalo

EMAIL: jpleslie@uchile.cl (work) jimenez83@gmail.com (personal)

Phone: +56 9787175

Adress: Las Palmeras 3425, Ñuñoa, Santiago. Departamento de Matemáticas

EMAIL: jpleslie@uchile.cl (work) jimenez83@gmail.com (personal)

Phone: +56 9787175

Adress: Las Palmeras 3425, Ñuñoa, Santiago. Departamento de Matemáticas

Research interests

Currently I do research in the area of didactic of mathematic. I am working with the framework of Mathematical Working Spaces which is a methodological tool that articulates the epistemological and conginitve plane in a mathematics session; analyzing mathematical work of first year undergraduate students at University of Chile. Mainly, I am studying how to reduce the gap between the upper secondary school and the fisrt year of University in the area of mathematics.

On the other hand, I am part of several projects in Math Education, among others, one university project with the University of Bielefeld and one personal project with professor Jonas Bergman-Ärlebäck from Linköping University, Sweden, where the goal is to make a comparative study about the learning and teaching of geometry in the upper secondary school between Sweden and Chile.

I did a PhD in Science with mention in Mathematics. During my thesis, I worked in the field of complex geometry. Specifically, doing research on algebraic curves, Riemann surfaces and their Jacobian varieties with group actions.

Papers and pre-prints

-Jiménez, L., Ärlebäck, J. B. (preprint, 2019). Using the Mathematical Working Space model as a lens on geometry in the Chilean mathematics secondary curriculum.

- Jiménez, L., Menares, R., Pomareda, R. Tareas que activan un trabajo matemático completo en los estudiantes de pedagogía. Accepted in the proceedings of ETM6 international conference, IMA-PUCV, Valparaíso (2018).

- Jiménez, L., Ärlebäck, J. B. (2018). Using the Mathematical Working Space model as a lens on geometry in the Swedish mathematics upper secondary curriculum. In J. Häggström, J. B. Ärlebäck, M. Fahlgren, M. Johansson, O. Olande, & Y. Liljekvist (Eds.) (in press), Perspectives on Professional development of mathematics teachers, Proceedings of MDIF11: The 11th Swedish Mathematics Education Research Seminar, Karlstad, 23-28 January 2018 (pp.). SMDF.

- Izquierdo, M. Jiménez, L. Rojas. A. Decompositions of Jacobian varieties with certain dihedral actions. Accepted in Revista Matemàtica Iberoamericana (2018).

- Hidalgo, R.; Jiménez, L.; Quispe, S.; Reyes-Carocca, S. Quasiplatonic curves with symmetry group Z22⋊Zm are definable over Q. Published (2017). Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society.

- Jiménez, L. On the group algebra decomposition of a Jacobian variety. Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matemáticas, 110 (1), 185-199 (2016).

Non academic activities

  • Currently taking classes of Swedish language.
  • Singing classes of popular singing and jazz.
  • Dancing Swing dances: Lindy hop, charleston, Shag.
  • Ice skating (figure and long distance)
  • Travelling

See photos in https://sites.google.com/site/lesliejimenezpalma/fotos/hobbies

Links of interests (Academic)

Math Department, Science Faculty U de Chile

Chilean Complex Geometry group.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians, at Agnes scott college website.

Chilean women mathematicians collective

IMU Women in Maths

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