Lyssa's World

Various projects and items of interest from THL Lêofsige Õ Caoimh known as Lyssa


Master Blackarrow asked me to become his apprentice and bestowed his belt at Estrella XVIII, A.S. XXXIV (2002). Though he has passed from this life, I still wear his belt with pride in his memory. 

In 2014, the Barony of Dragonsspine invested a new Baron and Baroness. That's when I ran my first Dirty Dozen Donation Derby. Since then, I've run 9 and counting! The generosity of the artists has been amazing. More than 3000 items have been donated to the Coronets and Crowns including visiting Crowns at Battlemoor. Information on the next 4D is available here.

In May of 2007, A.S. XLII (42), I discovered the A&S 50 Challenge created by Lady Albreda from the East Kingdom.  You'll find more information on my challenges and progress on my Project Blog.  As the anniversary of the creation of the SCA arrived, the A&S 50 Challenge ended. I completed 7 challenges, some several times: Gloves (1 time), Largess (3 times), Classes (2 times), A&S Entries (1 time). In the process I found and hosted the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby (6 times and counting) inspiring artists to contribute more than 2600 pieces to larges, most hand made and all amazing! I also became Provost in the new Royal Outlands Interkingdom University, and Premier Scholar and Fellow. 

The SCA came into my life in 1980 when I saw a performance of medieval music by the local group during a madrigal dinner.  I didn't find them again until 1984 when a college friend invited me to an event in the neighboring barony.  I made my first outfit, followed my friend to what turned out to be a camping event with nothing more than a thin cloak and my first outfit.  I found people who were generous, kind and friendly.  We'd missed the fighting but the feast and bardic were enough.  I was hooked.  From the beginning two aspects seemed to draw me, arts and service. 

Over the years I've created a lot of things, taught more times than I can remember, autocratted, entered competitions, and held offices.  I have these scrapbooks, started at the suggestion of Master Blackarrow.  The one with my compiled writing is 4 inches thick alone.  The projects are in two notebooks about 3 inches thick each and don't contain everything.  Some never had pictures taken and some are still on my computer waiting to be printed and scraped. I managed to place many of those images over on Flickr. In an effort to catch up and to make it easier for Master Blackarrow to see the scrapbooks I began this website.  It's a labor of love and a work in progress.

Do what you love.