Trans ("Getting Stoned: Listening as an Active Participant", Steven Schick, Ojai Music Festival) 11'25"

Luminous (Chamber Concerto for Contrabass, Mark Dresser, Steven Schick) 24'08"

2021 Grawemeyer Award Acceptance Speech

Deriving Worlds (documentary short on the creation of Lei Liang's Hearing Landscapes by Keita Funakawa) 18'43"

Garden Eight (Ricardo Descalzo, piano solo) 15'40"

In Praise of Shadows (陰翳禮讚, flute solo) 9’51”

  • Click here to watch a performance by Manuel Zurria with video projection by Patrick Kelley.

    • Digital score available here.

Tremors of a Memory Chord (記憶的弦動, piano and grand Chinese orchestra) 18’04”

Serashi Fragments (JACK Quartet) 7'49"

  • Click here to watch a performance by the Left Coast Chamber Music Ensemble.

    • Digital score available here.

My Windows (我的窗, Joanna Chao, piano solo) 4’19”

  • Click here to watch a performance by pianist Joanna Chao.

    • Digital score available here.