More Freehand Sketching
Using Your Newly Acquired Freehand Skills

We are going back to the subject you used from Drawing from a Photograph and take freehand sketching to the next level.

Grab the photo you used and hide the finished drawing you made from it.  No peeking!

Set up your board with a piece of tracing paper. Have your photo off to the side. Start drawing, a section at a time. Start with basic shapes. I'm not going to show you every individual step as before; this is a self test for you (oh no, a test). Relax, no grades, this just pushes you and I know you can do it.

As you progress add some details. Don't forget some squiggly trees and bushes. This should seem familiar because you've done it before.

 Add some hatching for shadows.

How about some solid dark areas in the windows? Not bad!

Take your original sketch out from hiding and compare the two.


Except for some exaggerated proportions and an even more loose quality,  they both convey the same idea.

There is a section on Proportion Tips that will help you as you draw from photos or field drawing (actually standing in front of a real building).

Practice your skills. Take a sketch pad to work, school, or on vacation. There are great subjects everywhere.

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