How to Photograph Architecture
Easy Tips On How to Make Your Photographs Of Architecture Better



The pages regarding Photographing Architecture are not intended to be an extensive photography course, but give you tips with simple explanations.

Why do the photos you see in books and magazines look so good? It is because they are taken by professional photographers with many years of education and practical experience. However, I'll show you how you can accomplish similar results with minimal effort.

Let's learn some of their secrets to better photography!


Great photographs can be taken with all sorts of camera equipment. Check out the Photo Equipment page, which will give you insight as to which camera may be best for you.

What makes a good photo stand out from a not so good photo is Composition, the arrangement of elements in an artistic form. Basically good photos have everything in the right place to show off your subject.

I have broken down composition into four areas that I have found to be challenging. These are: Subject MatterDistraction, Distortion and Lighting.

If you find these short lessons interesting, I encourage you to do further reading. There are many fine books on photography, or take a photography course or workshop. Photography like any art form has endless possibilities.

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