Lesson 1
You have breezed through the entire beginner and advanced sections, so it's time to work with some more challenging subjects. This first lesson involves techniques covered in Drawing from a Photograph, More Drawing from a Photograph and Drawing Trees. You will be adding elements that do not show in the photo like shutters and landscaping.



This is a photo of a house under construction. It has some existing trees on the site but no landscaping near the building. Save this photo to your computer and print it out to use as your under drawing.

Trace all the basic outlines of the building including the large foreground tree and background trees. Don't be intimidated because you have done this before, the house just has a little more details. Do the drawing in sections, for example start with the buildings and then work on the trees. You will notice that the house has lap siding on it; don't draw this for now. I am going to let you play Landscape Architect and make up some shrubs around the building. In the foreground I added a sketchy shrub and ground shadow that represents a grassy area to help frame the shot. I also added shutters to the house, so draw the outlines as shown above.

Now add some detail to the shutters by showing slats.

Add some shadows to the roof over hang area and at the front porch as shown above. Finish by adding some dark areas to the windows.

This was easier than you thought!

Good Job!

Here's another shot of the same house. Do you think you can draw this like you did with the other one without examples? Sure you can, give it a try.

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