My work is mainly in philosophy of logic and philosophical logic. I have written on truth and paradox. More specifically, on deflationism, reference, formal theories of truth, and Yablo's paradox. My main interests revolve around formal theories of properties, classes and extensions, absolute generality, neologicism, logical pluralism, logicality, and logical constants as well. I'm also interested in ontology, epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. 

At the moment I am working on the realtion between truth, satisfaction, classes, and properties, on the one hand, and higher-order languages on the other, focusing on the ontology commitments they bring. Here's a recording of me talking about this topic. I am also doing research in collaboration with Thomas Schindler and Timo Beringer, funded by the DFG. The aims of the project are (i) to determine the source of paradox, both semantic and logical, providing graph-theoretic as well syntactic analyses of the paradoxes;  and (ii) to formulate and investigate truth and class theories that take these results into account.