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2021 - Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

2018 - 2022 Lecturer in Philosophy at University College London (UCL)

2016 – 2018 Assistant Professor in Logic and Philosophy of Language at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP), LMU Munich

2015 – 2016 Postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS)/MCMP, LMU Munich

2010 – 2015 Teaching Assistant/Tutor at the chair of Logic, University of Buenos Aires (UBA)


2011 – 2015 Doctor in Philosophy, UBA. Supervisor: Eduardo Barrio. Thesis: Truth. Deflationism, Reference, and Paradoxes.

2004 – 2011 BA/MA in Philosophy, UBA. Supervisor: Eduardo Barrio. Thesis: The Paradoxicality of Yablo's Paradox.

2003 – 2006 Licence to be a High School Teacher on Mathematics and Astronomy, Institute Joaquín V. González.

Academic visits

Mar 2017 CUNY Graduate Center, New York

Sep 2016 Buenos Aires Logic Group, Sadaf/Conicet, Buenos Aires

Jun 2015 MCMP, LMU Munich, supervised by Hannes Leitgeb

Apr – May 2015 Tilburg Center for Logic, General Ethics, and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS), University of Tilburg, The Netherlands, supervised by Reinhard Muskens

May – Jul 2014 MCMP, LMU Munich, supervised by Hannes Leitgeb

May – Jul 2013 MCMP, LMU Munich , supervised by Hannes Leitgeb

Apr – Jun 2012 University of Oxford, supervised by Volker Halbach


Jan 2017 Funding from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (23.800 €) for the organization of the conference "Model Theory: Philosophy, Language, and Mathematics" to take place in Munich on January 9 - 12. Joint application with Gil Sagi and John Wigglesworth

Oct 2016 - Sep 2019 Funding from DFG for the project “Paradoxe Referenz-Muster” (Reference patterns of paradox) (177.400 €). Joint application with Thomas Schindler

Oct 2015 – Sep 2016 Postdoctoral fellowship from the Munich University Society (LMU) (31.700 €)

Apr – May 2015 Visiting fellowship from TiLPS (1.000 €) to visit the center, Department of Philosophy, University of Tilbrug, The Netherlands

Jul 2014 Organising-Committee grant (290 €) for attending the Summer School “Proof, Truth and Computation”, Chiemsee, Germany

Apr 2014 – Mar 2016 Doctoral fellowship “Tipo II” from the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Conicet) (1.000 USD per month)

Jul 2013 Association of Symbolic Logic (ASL) grant (400 €) for attending the Logic Colloquium 2013, Évora, Portugal

May – Jul 2013 Visiting fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (3.475 €) to visit MCMP, LMU, Munich, Germany

Apr 2011 – Mar 2014 Doctoral fellowship “Tipo I” from the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Conicet) (1000 USD per month)

Organisation of (recent) academic events

Feb 2020 - Co-organiser of the talks hosted by the London Group for Formal Philosophy.

Jul 6-7, 2019 Circularity and Impredicativity, LMU Munich, co-organised with Timo Beringer and Thomas Schindler. Invited speakers: Jody Azzouni, Riccardo Bruni, Catrin Campbell-Moore, Andrea Cantini, Roy Cook, Thomas Hofweber, Edoardo Rivello.

May 30-31, 2019 Logic in London 1 - Workshop on Type-Free Concepts, University of London, co-organised with Carlo Nicolai. Invited speakers: Catrin Campbell-Moore, Andrea Cantini, Oystein Linnebo, Beau Madison Mount, Thomas Schindler.

Oct 2016 - Sep 2018 Organiser of the weekly Logic Colloquia, MCMP, LMU Munich.

Recent Talks

Dec 2022 King's College London. Talk: Myterious Quantifiers | Handout

May 2022 Internal Categoricity Workshop, University of Helsinki. Talk: On Arithmetical Pluralism. With Dan Waxman | Handout

Mar 2022 Logic Seminar, National University of Singapore. Talk: Higher-Order Logic and Disquotational Truth | Slides

Jan 2022 The Philosophy of Metamathematical Results, MCMP, LMU Munich. Talk: On Arithmetical Pluralism.

Jan 2022 Australasian Zoom UNESCO WLD event, Australasian Association for Logic. Talk: On Arithmetical Pluralism.

Mar 2021 PHILMATH-EXPRESS, University of Paris (IHPST-SND) and University of Amsterdam (ILLC). Talk: On Arithmetical Pluralism.

Feb 2021 The Logic Supergroup. Talk: Mathematical Pluralism Revisited

Jan 2021 Many Facets of Logic in UCL, as part of the UNESCO International Logic Day. Member of the panel.

Oct 2020 Descartes lectures 2020, Tilburg University. Commentary on "Mathematical Progress and the Path Not Taken", by Valerie Lynn Therrien.

Oct 2020 Virtual International Consortium for Truth Research. Talk: The Unity of Logical Consequence. | Handout

Jun 2020 LLC, University of Turin. Talk: The Unity of Logical Consequence.

Jun 2020 Departamental Symposium, UCL . Talk: The Unity of Logical Consequence.

Jan 2020 13th Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic. Talk: Mathematical Internal Realism and the Determinacy of Mathematics.

Jan 2020 Author Meets Critics Session on Tim Button and Sean Walsh Philosophy and Model Theory, 2020 Eastern APA meeting, Philadelphia. Talk: Comments on Philosophy and Model Theory.