Horse Show

      Champion 2018

Last year's show was another success with some great entries and lots of fun.

Sadly we wont be there this year due to the virus - see you in 2021

 The schedule below is the classes held last year. Next year's will be along the same lines. 

Rosettes to be awarded in each class, and trophies for some classes.

Many thanks to all our generous sponsors

If you would like to sponsor a class for 2020 please contact Becky.  

Contact Becky Littleton 07943 155830

Schedule below. There  will be an updated downloadable schedule at the bottom of the page in due course, together with a form for pre-entries and the safety rules.        

Show judge Mrs K Annear

Farrier in attendance D Beckerleg

If there are large entries in any one class it will be split

In Hand 9:30 start 

£4 on the day £3 for pre entries 

1. Youngstock 1,2,3 years old

2. 4 year old and over

3. Veteran in hand – horse/pony 15 years and over

4. Coloured to include spotted breeds

5.     Mountain and Moorland

6.     Cob

7.     Miniature Horse, includes Shetlands

8. In Hand Championship 1st and 2nd placings  

There will be a 45 minute break after class 8

Ridden (in hand where specified)

9. Best Combination  lead rein 

10. Best Combination 14 years and under

11. Best Combination open 

12. Best Grass Kept – Ridden or In Hand

13. Novice Horse/Pony – Not to have been placed first in a show class before 

14. Best turned out horse/pony & rider

15. Mountain and Moorland 

16. Hunter/Cob

17. Coloured to include spotted breeds

18. Regularly hunted

19. Riding horse/pony

20. Ridden Championship 1st  placings 

Fun Classes 10 am start 

Judge: Ms Miriam Hopper

£3 on the day or £2 for pre entries 

Open to all and may be led. Show attire optional.  

1. Child handler 6 years and under

2. Child handler 7 years and over

3. Most handsome gelding – to include special for the best Thelwell!

4. Most pretty mare – to include special for best Thelwell ! 

5. Best mane and tail plaited or natural 

6. Family pony 

7. Championship 1st place 

Showjumping 10 am Start 

Clear rounds 9 am to 10 am

Course Builder TBC

SJ Judge Mr D Juleff

£4 on the day or £3 pre entries

SJ 1. 40cm

SJ 2. 50cm

SJ 3. 60cm

SJ 4. Horse and hound 60cm

SJ 5. 70cm

SJ 6. Pairs 70cm

SJ 7. 80cm

SJ 8. Joker

SJ 9.        90cm

SJ10.       100cm (Will run dependent on entries)

Gymkhana – 1:30 start

Entries £1 on the day (NO PRE ENTRIES)

G1. Fancy Dress

G2. Potato picking lead rein

G3. Potato picking 10 years and under

G4. Potato picking 14 years and under

G5. Potato picking open

G6. Egg and spoon lead rein

G7. Egg and spoon 14 years and under

G8. Egg and spoon Open

G9. Walk, Trot, Run lead rein

G10. Walk, Trot, Run 10 years and under

G11. Walk, trot, canter 14 years and under

G12. Walk, trot, canter Open

G13. Musical Sacks 6 years and under

G14.  Musical Sacks 10 years and under

G15.  Musical Sacks 14 years and under   

G16. Musical Sacks Open

G17. Elimination cans Lead rein 

G18. Elimination cans 14 years and under

G19. Elimination cans Open