Round Canvey Island

posted 23 Jul 2017, 01:12 by Chris Partridge

Our very fine team of Steve W, Al H, Dave & Jenny, Wendy and I rowed 14 miles around Canvey Island on the 8th July and we were the 5th boat over the line out of a field of 28 boats in a very impressive 2 hours and 30 minutes. We also came 5th in our class and were competing against some strong crews from Manningtree, Mersea Island, Lower Thames RC, Benfleet Yacht club and many others. Knowing the rivalvry between Manningtree and the Cutters, we saw off a strong challenge from their Claydon emphatically ensuring that they finished behind us despite them having done everything humanly possible to catch us. 

Fog Row

posted 2 Feb 2017, 08:34 by Chris Partridge

Wednesday brought unexpected fog in the channel down to Verner, making navigation 'interesting'. 

The Great River Race Story

posted 7 Sep 2016, 00:22 by Chris Partridge

Tim Pointer has written a report of the Great River Race for the local press - read the original, unedited copy here!

Great River Race Triumph

posted 4 Sep 2016, 01:24 by Chris Partridge

Langstone Cutters won a record number of trophies at the Great River Race, including Women's Veterans, Junior Under 16s, Supervets, Claydon Skiffs, Fastest Four Oared Boat and others. Almost all our boats were in the race and put in sparkling times. Congratulations everyone!

Sunshine and stair rods at Netley Regatta

posted 26 Jun 2016, 04:07 by Chris Partridge

Storms circled Netley Regatta, forcing the crews into the shelter of the various gazebos on the site as heavy rain and even hail swept in from all directions. But between squalls there was flat water ideal for racing, and the Cutters came away with trophies for the Quarter Mile Dash, the Ladies Race and the Netley Cup (four miles).
Fun was had and good humour prevailed over the weather!

Cutters go to Cobstock

posted 5 Jun 2016, 01:31 by Chris Partridge

Cutters introduced young people at the Cobstock Festival to the joys of rowing this weekend. On the water were the two St Ayles Skiffs owned by the Oarsome Chance charity, and the newly launched Bella.

Hamble River Raid Success

posted 22 May 2016, 00:44 by Chris Partridge

The Cutters sent a record six boats to the Hamble River Raid this year, including Gladys for the first time. Everyone rowed their hearts out and a good time was had despite the rain.
The junior girls made a great showing in the Teifi skiffs against strong adult opposition, with Annika and Claudia winning the class.
Bembridge was fastest Solent galley with a men's crew, with a strong women's crew in Sallyport fending off the men in the local boat, Avery A, until the last moment.
And Langstone Cutters Gig Club in C Shel won the Megaphone for Mega Gigs. 
Well done everybody!

Jubilee arrives

posted 17 Apr 2016, 09:55 by Chris Partridge   [ updated 17 Apr 2016, 09:55 ]

We have a new boat, generously lent by the Pat Sherwin Trust. She is Jubilee, a mini-galley or gallette as Marion calls her. She can be rowed or sculled by two plus cox, and there is a massive space for a passenger in the bow.

Boats Blessed for 2016

posted 10 Apr 2016, 11:18 by Chris Partridge

The Blessing of the Boats went ahead in the newly-landscaped boat park despite a gale that prevented the boats from launching, though pilot gig Heart of Hayling came over from Northney powered by a fearless crew of youngsters coxed by Andrew Berry. Canon Tom Kennar, rector of Havant, conducted a lively service and sprinkled holy water over the craft. 
Mike Gilbert lit the barbecue and laid on a great spread - many thanks, Mike!

Cutters to the Rescue!

posted 1 Apr 2016, 01:59 by Chris Partridge

On returning from an excellent row round the Langstone Archipelego, we discovered a dog hanging onto a mooring buoy outside the Mill. According to its owners, it had swum out and was trying to retrieve it...
Unfortunately the dog was the determined type and wouldn't let go, so Rachel and Andy put the owner in the back of a Teifi and rowed out to prise the animal's teeth off the buoy and bring her home.

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