Our Boats


Solent Galleys used to be raced round the area from the Isle of Wight to Southampton in Victorian times, attracting huge crowds to regattas. They are built for speed, long, slim and light, mainly in larch or spruce on an oak frame. They are 30ft long and rowed by four crew and a coxswain.

These lovely boats were replaced by sliding seat coastal boats in the 1970s, and Langstone Cutters is privileged to operate two of the last half-dozen or so surviving examples, Sallyport and Langstone Lady.


Gladys and Mabel, our Claydon Skiffs, were the first boats the club bought. Claydons are grp copies of Thames estuary workboats dating from the time rowing boats were used to transfer crew, passengers and cargo from ship to shore, so they are stable, seaworthy and reliable. They are rowed with four oars plus a coxswain.


Millie and Lotty are double-sculled coxed skiffs in grp. Seaworthy but light and fast, the Teifis have regularly featured in the Great River Race, with the under-16 crew putting in a very impressive performance in 2012.


SWeare Deep is a Celtic Longboat, a popular class in Wales where they are raced strenuously, including in an overnight race across the Irish Sea.


Our Salter Skiff, Holly, is great for up to four people to get out on the water in style, and has done well for our junior crews in the Great River Race.