Langstone Juniors participate in a wide range of activities: they can row with mates or take the opportunity to make new friends in a safe environment, get fitter and enjoy some exhilarating rowing experiences. Exploring Chichester, Langstone and Portsmouth Harbours; rowing in the Solent and the Channel; culminating in competing in the Great River Race – London’s River Marathon and even crossing the Channel.

In 2012, Ed, Charlie , Tom and Ollie learned to row in our Teifi and Solent Galley and rowed over eight miles from Langstone to the entrance to Chichester Harbour and back. They then entered, and successfully raced, the Great River Race, London’s River marathon - 21 miles of rowing over 3 hours, right through the City. Their experiences gained them individual Duke of Edinburgh Awards at Bronze level. We had a 16 and 15 year old join us in our row across the Channel in 2012 – Harry Bowden being the youngest to row across in the Adventure Gigs. Our coaches also worked with Harry Uglow (15) to help him scull across the Channel in 4 hours 38 minutes, setting the fastest time and youngest solo boat on record.

More recently, junior girl crews have won silverware in the Great River Race and the Hamble River Raid.

To support this activity, Langstone Cutters have developed and implemented appropriate Child Welfare Policies, appointed a Welfare Officer in compliance with British Rowing best practice.

For more information about juniors, ring the rowing captain or email rowingcaptain@langstonecutters.co.uk.