Blokart Models

Cr-Mo Powdercoat or Stainless Steel Chassis?

Stainless Steel or Powdercoated

All blokarts come in either Cr-MO steel or stainless steel. The Cr-Mo steel chassis is stronger than Stainless steel, is zinc plated then powder coated to help combat the effects of corrosion. The stainless steel chassis is made of 100% stainless steel and is virtually corrosion proof.

Sail Sizes Kids 5 -20 Knots

The blokart has for a while had 4 sail options to keep you karting in almost all weather conditions. A 5.5m sail has been developed to provide that extra grunt in very light conditions.

Designed & engineered for optimum sailing performance whether it’s a light breeze or a howling gale.

Available in 5 colours - blue, red, orange, green and yellow.

Wind ranges should be used as a guide only and will vary dependent on weight of user and surface conditions.

5.5m Extra LITE Adults 5 - 18 knots

4m LITE Adults 10 - 25 knots

3m Standard Adults above 20 - 30 knots Kids 5 -15 Knots

2 m Storm When you can't use anything larger

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Adults 15