Convert your blokart into a dynamic two-seater in minutes.

The Shadow is great for training kids, carrying friends/family, or even stashing your gear for a long run up the coast.


Turn your kart into a stylish, all-weather racing machine.

Dust, dirt, sand, rain and wind chill are no longer an excuse to stay at home.

Reduced drag, improved performance, increased comfort and advanced style.

Deuce Bar

The Deuce bar connects two karts together for team sailing fun – higher speeds and better performance.

Great for sail training as the person in the second blokart doesn’t need to control a handle bar.

You can even use the second blokart without a sail, another way to carry extra gear for that long run up the coast.

Ultra Carbon Race Base (CRB)

Ultra Carbon Fibre composite 3rd and bottom mast section to stiffen the mast for the 3.0m, 4.0m & 5.5m sails and make it more efficient (i.e. faster) for skilled karters. Carbon fibre mast sections for the top and 2nd are now also available. If you need maximum speed then this is a must-have.

If you have a 5.5m sail it is recommended you use the ultra carbon bottom and 3rd sections that have been developed to take the increased load.

Mast Protectors

An essential accessory for everyone.

These hard plastic shells clip over the mast pocket of your sail and protect it from damage in case you tip your blokart.

All learners should start out using these, especially kids and light people who are more prone to tipping.

Experienced sailors use these in high winds.

Foot Bar Extension

This clever device allows those with long legs to fit comfortably in a blokart.

If you’re 6-7ft tall this accessory keeps the cramps away.

Junior Footbar

This clever device allows those with legs that don't reach the standard blokart footrest.

It keeps those young ones back in the seat and more upright.


Wiping out at high speed looks a lot funnier when no one gets hurt.

Available in matte grey or matte black, your brain now has all the protection it needs.


Made of neoprene and synthetic leather.

Gloves have fingerless index and thumb.