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Landsailing Kapiti is located in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast. If you purchase your blokart from us, we will deliver it anywhere in the greater Kapiti area and help you get started with practical tuition on how to set up and pack up your kart. Whether you are in it for the fun or perhaps feel the urge to try your hand at racing, Landsailing Kapiti is right behind you, introducing you to the Capital Blokart Club, and providing ongoing support with any blokart challenges. As the supplier to Capital Blokart Club members we stock a full range of parts and accessories you may need in a hurry.

NOTE: blokart International Ltd. has asked that dealers do not list their pricing for blokarts and their official parts and accessories on the internet. If you would like to know the prices of any blokart products then please contact us.

There are two different blokart models with four different sail sizes to choose from. Find out about them here:

Accessories such as the Deuce or the Shadow add new dimensions of fun.

There are a range of items that will protect you and your blokart.

Other accessories are designed for pure comfort.

Faster. This is the ultimate thrill. These upgrades have a huge influence on your blokart's performance.

New Releases!

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From biggest to smallest.

Landsailing Kapiti stocks most blokart parts you may require in a hurry, but any part can be supplied to order.

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Landsailing Kapiti accepts Cash and ebank Direct Credit payments. Cheques will be accepted from Capital Blokart club members.