Rear Heater Delete Hose

Molded Rear Heater Delete Hose

The upgraded installation with a perfectly molded hose.

The hose does not make contact with the valve cover - it is the angle of the photo.

Until now when removing the rear heater, it was a challenge to reconnect the heater lines.  

We offer a perfectly molded hose for a clean installation or a complete installation kit.

*This kit is made to fit without ANY trimming.*

Typical Setup

Pictured below is how most people have done this modification.

Made in the USA


   (in the contiguous United States)            

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Complete Kit for Rear Heater Delete

Complete kit comes with everything needed to delete your rear heater.

1 - rear heater delete molded hose - Gates (Made in the USA)

1 - pre-cut rear heater return line - Gates (Made in the USA)

4 - breeze #10 aero-seal liner clamps (Made in the USA)

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