Mud Flap Eliminators


Stock mud flaps on a stock bumper and wheeling is a sure way to rip the rear bumper off and spoil a good run! 

This is a result of the factory mud flap design as an integral part of holding the bumper in place. 

Our mud flap eliminators solve this issue and have a clean look.

Mud flap eliminators are easily bolted on to your rig by reusing the existing hardware.  

It has been proven solid by having run this set up for years and stood the test of time while being beat down bumpy roads.  

Land Cruiser Products mud flap eliminators are CNC cut using 19 gauge galvanized sheet metal. 

Manufactured in the USA 

Land Cruiser 100 Series

Lexus LX470

$50 a pair


 (in the contiguous United States)